Detergent Solvents

In the context of its wider expansion in the Chemical sector, Printsol haw already in its range many materials for the production for the detergents and cleaners


Name Packaging
ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL Packaging 25/200/1000lit
METHOXY PROPANOL  Packaging 23/180/900kg
BUTYL GLYCOL  Packaging 23/180/900kg
BUTYL GLYCOL ACETATE  Packaging 23/180/900kg
BUTYL DIGLYCOL ACETATE  Packaging 23/180/900kg
N METHYL PYRROLIDONE  Packaging 23/180/900kg
TETRACHLOROEHTYLENE  Packaging 23/180/900kg
DOWANOL DPM Packaging 23/180/900kg
ΜETHANOL Packaging 20/160/800kg